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Adhmora established to solve the problem in the energy field and support sustainable development. We provide energy solutions to clients from monitoring to financing energy conservation program. With strong determination, we assist clients in order to lower the operating costs of energy, keeping the energy utility performance, and increase the convenience of energy utilities. Going forward, we continue to make innovations in order to create a reliable solution to the energy problem.


“Advancing Indonesia Civilization through Optimizing Sustainable Development”


  1. Increasing Society’s Energy Awareness.
  2. Optimizing Energy Use.
  3. Funding to Support Energy Use Optimization.
  4. Developing Energy Saving and Renewable Technology.


Energy Saving Performance Contracting

a service provided by Adhmora
which aims to improve the energy efficiency performance of buildings / industry
with retrofitting and financing programs based on "Paid from Saving" service

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Feasibility Analysis

An overview to look at the energy savings opportunities that can be done.


Investment Grade Audit

To ensure that the criteria approved in ESPC project concept achieved, through technical and financial data analysis


Project Financing

Adhmora will help clients to fund the entire ESPC project


Construction Management

We will ensure and manage ESPC construction process to match the performance of the energy efficiency target


Measurement and Verification

To ensure the energy efficiency performance of ESPC construction results in accordance with the Investment Grade Audit planning.


Energo is a smart product provided by Adhmora and dedicated for sustainable development in Indonesia.
Energo will facilitate energy management, by providing feedback on operational energy usage, guide on most efficient energy usage, visualize result on energy management projects, early warning system for excess energy use, and shows the sectors of energy savings opportunities.
Smart software in Energo include the standart algoritm according to Permen ESDM and SNI, thus simplify the implementation, planning, monitoring, reporting, and decision- making on energy management policy

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Lower Cost of Energy Usage

Increase Energy Awareness

Determine Future Energy Usage

Develop Energy Performance Targets

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